Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Power of Mobile App integrated with ERP

Today the most cutting edge trend within the space of ERP integration is mobile applications. Most industries now use an ERP, choosing top ERP software in India and implementing the same is definitely a strategic decision for the company management. ERP brought us automation in multiple business operations across the industries, whereas mobile apps got us closer to the virtual world. In combination, these can drive business goal to the next level. Apparently, the introductory phase of enterprise software is nothing but trivial in regards to the critical investment. Mobile apps have already captured market popularity in small to large ERP business sphere.

While integrating a mobile app with ERP your business will not only become agile but also leverage portability through smart devices. You will notice significantly enhanced productivity and it improves the accessibility of the business records.

Reasons to integrate ERP with mobile apps:

=> Improvised business flow:
  The integration leverages the company representatives to improvise their service quality to new and existing customers, by enabling them to access information in real-time.

=> Enhanced productivity: The company representatives who are posted on field compromises their productivity on the go. These representatives can access the data, tools, information that in return enables them to eliminate their downtime.

=> Advanced analysis and prospecting:  Empowering the company representative with information at their finger tips helps them to analyze their prospect and enhance their response time.

=> Simplified process:  In the static business process the capacities to deliver real-time data is always a challenge. Then again, these challenges can be addressed and simplify the process only with mobile app integration with ERP to give the company a competitive advantage.

=> Real-time data capture: As stated before, the productivity of the on-field representative are compromised, with the integration they can easily enter the details accurately on the go. Re-keying of the data in their respective system always are prone to error.

This integration helps in bolstering business relationships remarkably reducing the response time.  Expands cloud ERP software extends roles and functions of ERP to reinstate standardization, accuracy in decision making, transparency and much more added features. However, the companies can leverage benefits of new ERP software or the existing ones with better productivity, strengthened business processes gaining a competitive advantage.

How does the integration of mobile app with ERP give you a competitive advantage?

Estimating the potentials of this integration, prominent ERP contenders have commenced their mobile app development for dashboards and reporting. The integration is all set to leverage the on-field representatives with benefits of reporting on the go as well as gain access to functionality and data.

Check out the benefits of mobile app integration with ERP:

1. Enhanced customer service
2. Enhanced customer engagement
3. Real time sales
4. Real time service information

Past decade we experienced exponential changes in our work approach, be it computers, mobile, smart devices and of course powerful apps. ExpandERP is voted as one of the top ERP software in India, they offer customized solution to address specific business needs. Mobile strategies are now a prominent participant in ERP sphere, mobile devices such as tablets, PDA’s or laptops has made remote working possible. The company representative can utilize the ERP on their smart device in order to gain the edge over business insights and capabilities.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Millennials and ERP: The Ultimate business duo making significant changes in the process

Millennials usually refer to the group of people born between 1982-2004. They are considered as the first generation to have been living in a connected world. The internet boom, the exponential growth of smart devices and over-dependence on electronic communication systems are changing the industrial practices. This seems to be highly resembled to the ways millennials’ behaviour.

As the time is making significant changes in millennials and business, manufacturing & export industries are trying to grab new opportunities. The industries are embracing Enterprise Resource Planning systems to reduce time taking manual operations to create virtual assistant. Here are few millennial driven industrial practices that ERP solution readily offer..

Having access to technology anytime from anywhere is the basic need of millennials. Now, it’s not only restricted into mobile usage, but they need connective world where every device should connect with the internet. The thin line between using device for personal use and for professional purpose is slowly blurring. This is causing more industries to follow “Bring Your own Device” business policy. This is how mobility solution like ERP system is getting highly accessible through personal devices, making corporate functions smoother than ever.

Millennials regularly interact with almost defect-free communication system and they prefer going social and they cannot afford to settle down with any burdensome application. Hence, and ERP system is apt when it comes to prompt response to the given command. This system is built to handle any size and shape of business operations of any process manufacturing industry. The best part of this system is that it can adopt to any latest change n the business world while it helps employees to efficiently perform tasks.

Smart user assistance:
Dashboard, separate login access, real time KPI, automated documents preparations, easy entry of orders, export invoices are the reasons why millennials opt to the smartest business process interface. an ERP system allows users to efficiently handle the process without wasting any time on traditional report formulation, inventory tracking and employee data maintenance.

Easy data retrieval:
Millennials are busy. They want results in jiffy. ERP system comes with integrated business intelligence, Excel configuration and social networking that allow users to easily retrieve data to drive better business outcomes. Also one click report generation provides a complete pre-defined report of Procure, Customer Relationship Management, sales, tax, finance, inventory and much more.

The technology-driven skillset of millennials are the driving force of manufacturing industry. They are the biggest investors and the consumers of our present market. If you’re looking forward to staying ahead of the edge then it’s important to follow how millennials are shaping the market. Changing with the trend is important to sustain in the competitive world. Simply put, the rise of millennials is a boon to make industries ready for the right ERP system landscape. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

5 Key Features Of An ERP Software For Exporters

Export businesses are highly competitive and multifaceted which makes it obvious to have an integrated application suite that the company can use to connect with its diverse active departments with real-time data sharing. Hence, ERP software for exporters is in immense demand throughout the world.

Companies incorporate ERP software into their business module for many good reasons such as- Accounting, stock control, HR activities, data sharing, business planning, market analysis and to name a few. By implementing ERP software in the process many businesses reduce production cost, save time and reduce manual efforts.

However, before a business decides to implement the software there are several other features that need to count, often depending on the specific requirements the company wants to improve. 

Compliant to export regulations:
ERP software is meant to manage, collect, store and interpret data from different activities including product planning, marketing, sales, inventory management and to name a few. The application for exporters create documents compliant to export regulations. It is a very smooth and streamlined application proposed to expedite paper works.

Accounting management:
The right ERP software for exporters is combined with accounting mechanism that helps the business track, record and consolidate all their operational information into a centralized system. It also manages data in a way that you can take deeper look into it to analyse future finance prospect. 

Customer Relationship Management:
Integrated and streamlined CRM helps to store and collect customer information in a central database. This means there’s a single point of data storage having all information of supplier, vendors and customer information that any authorized department can track and edit. While choosing right CRM for your exporting business, make sure it offers-

=> Timely reminders of your prospective activities on leads and sales
=> BI dashboard that analyse sales performance and count conversions
=> Targeted group to help you run email campaigns

The best part of ERP software is that it controls end-to-end business process with streamlining accurate information throughout the channels.

Enhanced mobility:
Mobility in everything is what calls the smart age. Mobility in ERP software means accessing application on the go through smartphones, not only in the workplace but from anywhere in the globe. Gone are the days of strolling around workstation to enter product information. ERP alone can take care of the inventory management along with other production procedures.

Procurement management system:
It is designed to allow a company to automate the purchasing process and maintain the inventory of goods. This software can generate purchase orders, market values, execute online order placements, online payment clearance and match invoice with the materials received. While deploying this system ensure it offers-

=> Define reminder levels and re-order levels for each product
=> Notify preferred supplier suggestions based on each product
=> Auto-generate purchase enquiry, purchase quote and order management

Procurement management system helps create streamlined administration throughout the departments.

Using ERP Software for exporters makes the entire business process more organized and improve the efficiency of operations. If you’re also from the same industry and looking for a smart business process, ERP software is the solution for you.